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Gary likes bagels. He normally has a snack mid morning and the dogs love to get their snips.  But our history with bagels begins much earlier.

Taggart was particularly fond of bagels.  Jennifer as a young person would make her breakfast and lunch. One day she made her bagel with cream cheese and turned away, leaving it on the kitchen table.  Taggart ate it.  Jennifer blamed Gary (who knows why, but she did). So she made another. Taggart got that one too.  Gary caught the blame again.  Jennifer made a third and Taggart couldn't believe his luck. This time Jennifer watched and saw Taggart grab it. Taggart was in trouble big time!

Dylan is the best at telling time.  Gaelin expects bagel time 'around' 9 am, but she tolerates some flex -- 9 to 9:15 is good for her.  Dylan starts causing trouble around 8:50.  He will tease Cendigh, causing a row.  Or he will kick the doggy bells (signal to go out). Or he will bring toys to me. It's clear he knows it's BAGEL TIME!

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