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Cendigh's breeders marked him initially as 'pet' and we weren't certain whether we wanted to show in conformation or not.  When he arrived he was in a super-ugly puppy stage.  He grew into a lovely dog, and both his breeder and co-breeder thought I should show him.  The first weekend out, much to my surprise, he won his Breed.  I had to go into Group and had no clue how to behave. Fortunately a friend said to get behind one of the fast-moving dogs and run hard.  He forgot all he knew, totally bottom-grazed the ring, and both of us acted like idiots. We were beginners, and everyone knew! He won winners dog another time, and Best Adult in Match before deciding it wasn't for him.  He loves road trips (particularly staying in hotels and eating nuggets and other road food!)

Cendigh is definitely the sweetest, most loving of our setters. He loves to cuddle on the floor or couch.  His favorite chair is the big burgundy leather Lazy Boy rocker/recliner.  With his coloring (about the shade of the background on this web site) he almost disappears into the chair!

His passion is hunting -- at least our non-field trial neighborhood version.  He watches squirrels out the back windows and chases them away when he's outside.  On walks he quivers with excitement and tracks all angles looking for them.  In shows and at trials he's confused by the toy breeds -- perhaps he thinks they are stuffies or squirrels.  When he gets close to them, he realizes they are dogs and wags his tail in welcome.  But from a distance he is up on his toes, looking down his nose, and ready to hunt.

The funniest story about Cendigh is as graduation from a basic agility class we were treated to a party.  There was a 'monkey-see/monkey-do' task where the handler (Keegan in this case) and the dog both had to go through a tunnel. They went through fine the first time, and then had to do it again. Keegan went in first, but Cendigh came out first:  he had climbed over my 6'5" son INSIDE the tunnel! Everyone was laughing, and the video of that stayed on the club's website for years.  Cendigh truly loves tunnels. Watch the sequence below, and wait for the tunnel!


Cendigh currently has his CGC, Rally Novice, and Beginner Novice titles, and we hope to do more Rally and Obedience this year.

BTW -- Cendigh is pronounced 'KEN-dig'. It comes from my father's mother's maiden name, which was Kendig.  We changed the spelling to look more Irish.  I've been told if it were Irish it would be pronounced SEN-dye. Oh well. We tried.
Below are some pictures of Cendigh.  Also see Cendigh's Gallery.  
Cendigh jumping  
Cendigh Christmas 2012  

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