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Mount Forest Chessire (Chessie) was actually purchased as a Valentine's gift for Gary when we were still dating. We had been boarding my dog (Millie) at a lovely kennel operated by an Irish Setter breeder, Jerry Vance. He had a litter born before Christmas and of course we couldn't help but get one! She was a grandaughter of the well-known dog Indeed on her father's side, and Mount Forest Jackson on her mother's side.  There are several well-known dogs in her pedigree, so I'm including it here for interest. I remember Jerry asking if we wanted pet or show.  I firmly said pet, but I've often wondered how our lives would have been different if we'd answered 'show'. We loved Chess, and she was a great companion on walks, hikes, and many cross-country moves!

Her passion in life, other than her humans and Millie, was tennis balls. The apartment in Nebraska was across from several tennis courts. We came out one day to find two guys playing tennis.  Chess took one look, ran onto the court (which was fenced) and stole the ball right out of play. She ran off with it. The players, Gary, and I just laughed.  She did have to give the ball back. Another time we lived in California with a large field near our home.  By then Chess and Millie had worked out a strategy that would remain for the rest of their lives.  Millie was small and fast.  Chessie was larger and it took a while for her to build up speed. They decided to work an in-field/out-field arrangement.  Gary would heave the ball a long distance and Chessie would tear after it.  She would bring it to Millie, and Millie would take it the rest of the way in to Gary.  After dropping the ball for Millie, Chess would hurry back to her position in the outfield. One day a man was playing baseball with some boys, and they watched Chessie run to the outfield, turn and wait (with her left front up in point), and actually catch the ball.  The man looked at the awestruck boys and said, somewhat in jest, "Did you see that!  That dog is a better fielder than all of you!"

Chessie remained with us from Nebraska, through moves to California, Connecticut, Texas, and Tennessee.
                                                                                                             Pedigree: Chessie


                                            Jen with Chessie and Millie