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Regalaire Lady Gaelin, CGC was purchased from Barbara Riegle in Michigan. She was a super-smart puppy, one who learned leash behavior in one block, learned obedience skills quickly, and delighted in challenging toys and games.

Gaelin's passion has always been food. Our traditional Christmas breakfast is home made scones which Gary creates before we open packages.  One year he left them cooling in the kitchen while we went to open presents.  We were excited about presents, the dogs had opened theirs, and all were having fun.  Suddenly we realized Gaelin was missing: the kitchen doors were closed, but she had managed to sneak back there and eat nearly a whole recipe of scones.  She had a great Christmas that year!

Gaelin was Gary's companion while he worked at home in Michigan on days he didn't have office hours in Detroit. One day she insisted she had to go out to potty.  Gary got up from the comfy leather chair where he was reading in his office and started down the hall, but no Gaelin.  When he went back to the office, there she was happily in the chair! She does know how to make her humans give her what she wants.

When we moved to Virginia, I started working remotely and she kept me company.

As an adult she was a wonderful companion. She enjoyed Cendigh, both as a puppy and adult.  Dylan -- not so much.  Perhaps it's because she was older, and he was young and full of energy.  She ruled the house until she passed to the Bridge summer 2012.
  Gaelin at 11
  Gaelin snow gear
  Gaelin with ducks
  Baby Gaelin