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Friends and neighbors often ask if Irish Setters shed much or take much work. They really don't shed much. But keeping those long silky 'feathers' conditioned and well-groomed does take time and skill. In my case, lots of time and not so much skill. There are people who are good at grooming and there are those who are true artists.  Hopefully sometime I'll become competent. I'm working with an Irish Setter breeder, Tracy McNeal of Militza, to try to learn. Tracy is a wonderful groomer. Any mistakes are my own.

Jennifer had to do a project for one of her masters classes last year and she decided to do it on grooming the Irish Setter head.  What a lark!  She interviewed me and then wrote it up as a self-paced training package. Looking back on that, there are so many things I've learned since then. Like how to blend the (clippered) neck with the jaw line, how to blend the (clippered) top of the ears with the skull and neck, how to avoid color-change, and others. And that's just a start on the head.

Here are just a few of the highlights of grooming an Irish Setter, and the tools used:

* Clipper the neck electric or battery-operated clippers
* Clipper the tops of the ears inside and out clippers
* Blend the neck with the jaw thinning scissors and comb
* Blend the ears with the head thinning scissors and comb
* Strip the top of the head stripping knife (e.g. Classic fine), stone, or fingers
* Strip the topline stripping knife
* Strip the fronts of the legs stripping knife, stone, or fingers
* Trim all around and underneath the feet thinning scissors, clippers, shears
* Trim to the side and around the rectum thinning scissors and comb
* Thin the sides of the tail stripping knife or thinning scissors
* Trim the hocks thinning scissors

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