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Gary and I have been fortunate in our lives indeed! We have two wonderful children living nearby.

Jennifer was born in California and is a natural blond, very smart, finished a masters and working on a Ph.D.

Keegan was born in Houston and is 6'5" (or so), super smart, computer science major, working as a sys admin for a large corporation.

Both Jen and Keegan are accomplished musicians. Both played throughout their school years, in all-state bands and orchestras, and in college.  Jen majored in oboe performance as an undergrad.  Keegan continued playing in college as a hornist, but found computer science more fun.

The top picture below shows Jennifer and Keegan holding a young Gaelin in our backyard in Michigan. The lower one is at our home in Virginia Thanksgiving Day 2010 with Cendigh (left) Gaelin (top) and Dylan (right). Below that is what they look like all dressed up!

                                Jen and Keegan with Gaelin

                                Jen and Keegan 2010
                                                Jen and Keegan Christmas 2012

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