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I still believe, although others might disagree, that Millie was the smartest and healthiest dog we have had. I got her as a tiny puppy, small enough to fit into the palm of my hand.  Although her parentage was uncertain, the mother was a large black bearded terrier mix. Millie grew to about 40 pounds and was primarily black and tan. I bought her as I was finishing graduate school in Indiana and moving to Nebraska. She accepted Gary and then later became best friends with Chessie.

We took both dogs backpacking in a state park in Nebraska City, Nebraska and along the Missouri River. On one of the trips to Nebraska City, we were playing 'fetch' with a stick.  The stick took an unlucky bounce, Millie 'caught' it on the ground and it ruptured the back of her throat.  Gary rushed down the trail, a ranger came back with him, and we drove Millie back to civilization and then a local vet.  The vet thought she was lucky, as it barely missed her windpipe. The vet said I could bring her home, but I believe he was doubtful. She stayed critical for several days, but I nursed her back to health, first with just ice slivers, then small bites.

When Chessie died, Millie (sort of) accepted puppy Taggart but never really recovered from Chessie's absence. They were truly kindred spirits. Hopefully, they are together at the Bridge.