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A persimmon tree is a fruit-bearing tree common to many parts of the world. It has special meaning to our family as it grows wild in the midwest of the U.S. The very best persimmons are the tiny ones that grow in the hills of southern Indiana.  That happens to be where Gary's alma mater (Indiana University) is located. 

The persimmon pudding recipe from Gary's mother is a favorite one in our household.  Persimmon fruit is extremely tart and full of little black seeds before the first hard frost.  Once frost comes, however, the fruit become sweet. If you can find persimmons in the wild before the raccoons do, you smash them in a collander, remove the seeds, add cream, sugar, flour, and other secret ingredients and bake for 60 minutes.  You let it cool as it is much better served cold, with whipped cream, as a desert. Persimmon fruit is much the same color as a young Irish Setter.

As the fruit matures, or the dog matures, the color becomes darker and richer. Similarly, pudding made from mature fruit gets darker as it cools and ages.  It also 'falls' -- but that's another story!

Persimmon Tree Persimmon Tree