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Ramblin' Red Taggart (Taggart) was purchased as a pet from Anne Marie Kubacz shortly after Chessie's death. We had Millie Mutt, but there was a hole in our lives without a red setter. I was working at the time for FedEx in Memphis and flew via one of the FedEx jets out to Newark to meet Anne Marie and get the puppy. We flew back commercial (FedEx doesn't allow live animals except in special circumstances).  I remember sitting on the commercial flight and seeing him getting loaded.  When we arrived in Memphis, I went to baggage and -- NO PUPPY!  I was about to panic, but looked around the big area and there was his little cat carrier crate. He was resting quietly, just waiting for his ride! I took him home and he was terrified of the backyard.  I got a lawn chair and sat down, and he curled up under it. It didn't take him long to 'own' the yard. He grew to be a very large (Gary claims 90 pounds) lovely boy.

Taggart's passion was stuffies.  He was very careful with them and didn't destroy any. I would occasionally throw all of them in the washer. He would watch with great concern when I took them out of the washer and put them in the dryer.  When they finished drying, he (personally) with great care took each one out and hid them -- under beds, in the children's rooms, wherever he thought I couldn't find them.  Occasionally I would be in the backyard gardening.  He learned very quickly he could throw a stuffie into my gardening hole and I would pick it up and throw it.  Thus the need for frequent washing. One time in the backyard he found an up-turned nest of baby bluejays.  Before we could rescue them, he had one in his mouth and carried it all over the yard as we tried to catch him. Parent bluejays flew down and pecked his bottom, but he wouldn't give it up. Eventually he gave the baby jay back, unharmed, but very scared.

Taggart was, according to Gary, a curmudgeon. He had his own view of correct behavior, even by his humans. We would occasionally stay up later than he preferred and he would stand in the hallway by the living room and stomp his feet in a great huff.

Taggart moved with us to Michigan, and hated the cold. He wouldn't go outside in the snow, so Keegan shoveled a circular path for him to potty.

Taggart was a wonderful dog, and everyone in the family grieved when he passed to the Rainbow Bridge.

Baby Taggart
Gary with Keegan and Taggart
Linda with Taggart
Jen with Taggart