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Gary and I have had Irish Setters since 1978 when we purchased a pet from a local breeder, Jerry Vance of MountForest Kennels in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Before that I had an IS in high school as a family dog, and Gary's grandfather raised 'red dogs' for hunting in Indiana. So we have a long history with the breed.

That first dog, MountForest Cheshire (Chessy) was a wonderful friend.  We took her and our black and tan mix MillieMutt backbacking, hiking, and for many walks around Nebraska.  When we moved to California, then to Connecticut, then to Houston, then to Memphis she and Millie came along.  They welcomed our children. They saw Christmasses and summers galore.

When Chessy died, our home was empty.  We contacted AnneMarie Kubasz in New Jersey and she happened to have a litter.  We were fortunate to purchase Ramblin' Red Taggart, also a pet.

Over time, we lost Taggart and purchased a young puppy RegalAire Lady Gaelin from Barbara Riegle in Michigan. Although we had hoped to show her, we weren't able to. So she became our pet. She's one of the smartest dogs, except perhaps for Millie Mutt that we've had. I took her to CGC training on a lark and she passed the first time there (In truth, she'd had one basic obedience class several years before. I practiced leisurely just before taking her to the testing).

We decided to get a puppy when Gaelin became middle-aged, and thus got Cendigh (RiverRun Sabbath Day Lake Cendigh). He was our first venture into the show arena.  He is pointed, has his RallyNovice title, is working on other obedience titles, and is the sweetest boy one could imagine. He's in many of our Christmas pictures, as he's the best model one could imagine!

This past spring we were fortunate to get a puppy.  His name is Dylan (Kinloch's Tangled Up in Blue) and we hope to show him. He sings (more a yodel).  At his first match, much to my dismay, he yodelled along with the National Anthem. I'll remember next time that names can foretell behavior...

Our policy has always been to support strong breeders since the health, intelligence, and well-being of our dogs has been most important.  Our dogs live in the house, relax on the sofa with me, and often snuggle in bed at night with us. They are cherished members of our family. In fact, one of Gary's graduate students once commented that he didn't know we had 2-legged kids:  all he ever heard about was the dogs. We love our 2-legged AND our 4-legged kids!


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