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Gary and I have had Irish Setters for over 30 years.  We gravitated to this breed, partially for their beauty but mainly for their big, fanciful, fun-loving personality.  Until recently our setters were pets and beloved companions.  Lately, we've started competing in conformation and obedience. What fun! It's harder than it looks in the Westminster, Eukanuba, and other dog shows. Those handlers do know what they are doing, and the dogs do as well.

The web site is named for the persimmon tree.  Gary's mother made pudding of the tiny Indiana persimmons and the pudding is a favorite of our family as well. The fruit, in addition, is a color that approximates the color of a young setter and, as it matures, becomes darker and richer much like the coat of a mature setter.

I started this web site as a method for learning a new authoring package, and had so much fun I just continued. 

I hope you enjoy some of our pictures and stories.

                       Linda with The Boys 2012

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